Missouri Fur Company vs. Charles Latour
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for said
County of the term of October in the you eighteen hundred and seventeen

William ClarkWilliam Clark Manuel LisaManuel Lisa and
HenryHenry Piere Chouteau August Chouteau
Labbadie WilliamWilliam Morrison MorrisonWilliam Morrison PeterPeter Menard MenardPeter Menard
& ReubenReuben Secris heretofore trading and doing business together
under the name form and style of the MissouriMissouri Fur Company FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company
complain by their Attorney of Charles Satour in a
plea of trespass on the case for that the said CharlesCharles
heretofore to wit on the eighteenth day of september in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred & eleven at
a place called Fort Ricaras on the MissouriMissouri river in the
then county of saint CharlesCharles now County of HowardHoward all
the Territory aforesaid- to wit at the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis
aforesaid and within the jurisdiction of this court made
his certain writing of that duty under his ordinary mark
of hand land now here to be produced, whereby he acknowledged
to owe to the above named ManuelManuel Lisa LisaManuel Lisa as Factor
and Agent of a said missouri FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company for he was
then & there acting and doing business as Agent and Factor
for & onbehalf of said plaintiff as as for himself
is their trade & business up said MissouriMissouri River- and

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and the said Defendant then & there promised
to pay to said ManuelManuel Lisa LisaManuel Lisa or his order
as Agent and Factor as aforesaid, by the name and
description of Mr ManuelManuel Lisa LisaManuel Lisa Facteu de la
comp des Fourerre du Missoury the sum of
four hundred & thirty one dollars and Ninety two
cents to be paid in pound, or at three dollars
for the value thereof in an for the
said Defendant then said Note in writing
to said Agent- which said was to be of there
paid and deliverd whereover to he said Defendant
should be whereby an action he the
to said plaintiff to have of then said Defendant the
sum mentioned in said writing according to the honor of
effect of the same Never the said
Defendant thought open requested to pay the aforesaid
of money to said plaintiffs according to the
of said writing on the first day of in the
year at the place aforesaid at the County of
Louis aforesaid never paid the said sum
mentioned in said writing in for at the rate
of one dollars and half or at three dollars
according to the aforesaid writing