Joseph Beaudoin v. John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenie
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
October Term 1817

Joseph BeaudoinJoseph Beaudoin complains
of John Cabanne, and AntoineAntoine Chenie
late merchants and traders trading and
doing business under the name title
and firm of CabanneCabanne and Chenie,
of a plea of trespass on the case
for that whereas on the twenty fifth day
of august in the year of our lord one
thousand eight hundred and fifteen
at the town of St LouisSt Louis in the county
of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid and within the [ Juris-dition ] of this court, in consideration
that the said plaintiff at the special
instance and request of them said Defen-
dants would enter their service in the
capacity of their clerk and go into the
MissouriMissouri river and its dependencies, on
a trading voyage and expedition of
them said defendants, there on foot, and
to continue and last from that time
untill the month of June there next
following at which last said time it was
to expire and and for and during
that voyage and trading expedition
take due care of sell trade and
such goods and
as he to his case
to the best advantage and benefit, of them
said Defendants, and obey this lawfull
commands and and attend to there
interests, they said Defendants undertook
and faithfully promised to the said
plaintiff to pay him the sum of three
hundred Dollars in June next follow-
ing to wit at the town and county aforesaid