Joseph Beaudoin v. John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenie
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and within the jurisdiction aforesaid and
the said plaintiff avows that confiding in
the said promise and undertaking of them
said Defendants did immediately thereafter
enter the service of the said defendants in the
capacity of their Clerk and did go into the
MissouriMissouri river and its dependencies, in their
[ imploy ] for and during the said expidition,
and voyage and untill the expiration,
ending thereof in June following did continue
in their employ as aforesaid and did for
and during that time take due care of bill
dispose and barter, to the best advantage
and benefit of the said defendants such
goods and Merchandizes, as were committed
and entrusted to him for that purpose
and did obey the lawfull commands
and did and attend to the interests of
the said defendants as aforesaid yet the
said defendants not regarding their said
promise and undertaking atthough often
requested so to do have not paid
to him the said plaintiff the said sum
of money or any part thereof but have
wholly neglected and refused, and still
do wholly neglect and refuse do to do so
the damage of the said plaintiff of
five hundred dollars wherefore he sues
and whereas the said defendants on the
first day of august in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen
at the town county and within the Juris-
diction aforesaid were indebted to the
said plaintiffs in the further sum of three hundred
Dollars lawfull money of the united states