Thomas Wood vs. John B. Tenony and Cyrus Curtis
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& there, assumed upon themselves and, to the said plaintiff
promised, to pay the said sum, of money on request,

And, also for the said Defendants, there, on
the first day, of January, in the term last, aforesaid
the said plaintiff that, if he would render, to them his service,
as with they would, pay him then, for
the two first months at the rate, of eighteen dollars per
month, and the remaining part at, twenty five dollars per
month and the plaintiff avows that he did work labour,
and render his services to, them Indian interpreter thereafter,
wards for the space &, term of five months and of all which the said Defendant then & there on, the twenty fifth day of June, at
the County aforesaid became liable, to pay to, the said, plain-
tiff therefor on demand, the sum of one Hundred Eleven
Dollars lawful, money of United StatesUnited States on demand, and
being so liable then & there, assumed upon, himself and to
the said plaintiff promising to, pay to, him on demand, the
same, sum of money

the said defendants though
often requested, have ever refused, and still do refuse, the said
sum of, money of of them to
the said plaintiff to pay Damage two, Hundred
Dollars wherefore he sues,

EEdward Hempstead . HempsteadEdward Hempstead