Hugh Richard v. Benjamin O'Fallen
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In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
October Term 1817

Saint LouisSt Louis County to wit, HughHugh RichardRichard by his
attorney complains of BenjaminBenjamin O'Fallon OBenjamin O'Fallon FallenBenjamin O'Fallon of a
plea of trespass on the case upon promises,
To no the said Benjamin O FallenBenjamin O'Fallon
heretofore towit, on the first day of august in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen at the County aforesaid,
in consideration that the said HughHugh RichardRichard at
the special instance and request of him the said
Benjamin O FallenBenjamin O'Fallon would engage himself to
and go along with the said Benjamin O FallenBenjamin O'Fallon
in the capacity of clerk on a certain trading
voyage which the said BenjaminBenjamin , then starting
on up the river MississippiMississippi, and its tributary,
streams and that the said HughHugh during the
said voyage would perform the duties of a
clerk to and under, the said BenjaminBenjamin ,
to the said Benjanium O Fallen undertook
and faithfully promised the said HughHugh
RichardsRichards to allow and pay the said HughHugh
for his service in the aforesaid capacity during the
said voyage at the rate and proportion of
four hundred dollars a year And
the said HughHugh RichardRichard in fact saith that
confiding, in the aforesaid promise and
undertaking of the said BenjaminBenjamin , he
did engage himself to and go along with