James Fernon and John Connelly v. James Smith
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MissouriMissouri Territory
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis


The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica
to the Sheriff of said County

We command you that if JamesJames Forman, and John
Connelly, shall make you secure you cause to be replaced
twenty packs, of raccoon, skins of the value of four thousand
dollars and fourteen, packs of muskrat, skins
of the value of three thousand dollars and deliver, the
same to the said & the property, of the
said FernonFernon and Connelly as they say which said skins
are detained by SamuelSamuel SmithSmith against sureties, &
pledges, and that you the said SamuelSamuel B Smith
B SmithSamuel B Smith that he be an appear before the
Judge of our circuit court on the first Monday
of August next then there to answer unto the said JamesJames Fernon FernonJames Fernon ,
and John Connelly, of a plea for that the said SmithSmith on the ninth day of may eight hundred and seventeen at the town of StSt Louis
LouisSt Louis in the aforesaid County unjustly, took twenty Packs, of
Racoon, skins and fifteen, packs of muskrat, skins of the,
goods and chattels, of the said FernonFernon and Connelly, to the
damage of, the said plaintiff five thousand dollars and
there this writ

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M.PP Leduc . LeducP Leduc , Clerk of our said court at
the town of St LouisSt Louis this tenth day of may the year of our Lord one, thousand eight hundred and and seventeen and of the
the forty first

M.PP Leduc .LeducP Leduc ,Clk