William Clark v. Louis Brazeau Jr. and Auguste Brazeau
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of Rene PaulRene Paul the said plaintiff
County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis aforesaid and within, the jurisdiction, of this court on the day of year
aforesaid was then & there absolutely seized, & possessed
of the, premises aforesaid in fee simple and entitled to all
the priveleges, and rightly then & there,
unto belonging being so thereof legally entitled
to seized & possessed as of his own proper estate in fee simple the said Defendants LouisLouis Brazeau Junior BrazeauLouis Brazeau Junior junior &, August Brazeau then with force
and arms, and against the peace entered into and up
on the possession of the said, plaintiff and him ejected
expelled and removed from the premises aforesaid and kept out, and still keeps the
out of the possession, thereof - & did then & there with force and arms tread down the plaintiffs grass and hedges,
and break his soil - deg up and carry away off his stone quarry thereon towit, -One
thousand loads, of stone- of the value of five, hundred
dollars & other injuries and enormities, the said
Defendants to said plaintiffs there did- against the peace- & to his damage one thousand Dollars and to recover possession of, said lot of ground with the