William Clark v. Louis Brazeau Jr. and Auguste Brazeau
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to and was, the property estate, in and
of and vested, in him the Said LouisLouis Brazeau Junior
Brazeau JuniorLouis Brazeau Junior , his heirs and assigns forever, in
virtue, of the law of congress aforesaid, and
the said defendants, over that the lot of ground,
in the declaration, of the said plaintiff above mentioned, and the village, and
town, lot so confined, to the said Louis Braze,
au Junior, as aforesaid, is our and the
said defendants, further say that afterwards,
and often the to and possession, of the lot, of ground, as aforesaid, and
by, the said Louis Brazeau JuniorLouis Brazeau Junior to wit on,
the second, day of december, in the year of, one thousand eight hundred, and thirteen, at the town of, st Louis, in the CountyCounty of St Louis, ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis aforesaid, he the said Louis BrazeauLouis Brazeau Junior Lenin made, his estate deed in writing under, his hand, and that of
and which is now here, to the and then and delivered, the said
deed commonly called a, deed sale witnessed,
by Bossenou, and M. PP Leduc . LeducP Leduc , to then
the Said defendants, and the
consideration claims, and in the
same, deed mentioned, and set forth, did
grant bargain sell assign, and transfer unto the,
Said defendants, and to these heirs and assigns forever, the Said village, lot and lot of ground,
in the Said declaration mentioned, and
confirmed, to him, Said Louis BrazeauLouis Brazeau Junior , as aforesaid, by the description, of a lot situate, in the town, of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid,
which to wit lot as described, in said deed