Susan, a free woman of color v. Henry Hight
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To the Honorable the Judge of the CircuitCourt
of the Northern Circuit of the Territory of MissouriMissouri
[ sicting ] as a CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court in and for the CountyCounty of Saint Charles
of SaintCounty of Saint Charles CharlesCounty of Saint Charles

The Petition of SusanSusan a free black
woman humbly showith. That some time above
the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety
one JamesJames Royall removed your petition from
the state of [ MaryMary land ] into the then Indiana/now IllinoisIllinois) Territory) and continuedtoreside in said
Territory keeping your petitioner in his possession
until some time about the year the thousand eight
hundred and twelve. when your petitioner was
removed to the now MissouriMissouri Territory, and has ever
since been held as a slave by the plaintiff
Herny Hight who as your petitioner has been informed
is administrator of the estate of the what of the said JamesJames
Royal now decreased. That your petitioner
has been informed that in consequence of having
been removed into the IndianaIndiana Territory as aforesaid
and having resided there for the timeaforesaid the
is entitled to her freedom by order of an ordinance and of
CongressCongress papers for the Government of said
Territory. Wherefore your petitioner prays that
your honor will order that an action may
be instituted against the said HenryHenry Hight
on behalf your petitioner for the purpose of [ accu=ering ] her freedom if she be entitled to it and
that counsel may be assigned your petitioner

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to assist her in conducting said suit and that such other
order may be made as is necessary in this behalf
And your petitioner will ever pray &c

2nd May 1817

SusanSusan by

M"M Girk