Susan, a free woman of color v. Henry Hight
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HenryHenry Hight
SusanSusan a Blackwoman
February Term 1818.

And the said HenryHenry Hight
saith that the said replicaton of her the said SusanSusan
and the matters and things therein contained are not good and sufficient in law to enable her
the said SusanSusan to have and maintain her
said action thereof against him the said HenryHenry
and this be the said HenryHenry is ready to verify- Therefore for want of a sufficient replication in this behalf the said HenryHenry prays judgement
and his costs to be adjudged to him M

And for cause of demurrer in this behalf
according to the form of the statue in such
case made and provided. The said HenryHenry
sets down and shown to the Court here
the pace owing came of demurrer to the said replication that is to sa;, That the said replication takes a after a
and tavern the movement to the defendants

J. BartonJ Barton for Deft