Susan, a free woman of color v. Henry Hight
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MissouriMissouri Territory
Saint Charles County

In the CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court for StSt Charles
CharlesSt Charles Couty

SusanSusan a free black woman
permitted by the court to sue as a poor person
by Mathias M'Girk & George Tompkins her
attornies for that purpose specially appointed
by the court complains of HenryHenry Hight of a
plea of trespass; for that the saidHenryHenry on
the first day of November - in the year eighteen hundred thirteen - with
force & arms &c made an assault upon the said
SusanSusan , to wit, at the said county of SaintSt Charles _ _ _
CharlesSt Charles & within the jurisdiction of this court
and then and there beat, bruised& illtreated her
the said SusanSusan , and then and there imprisoned
her the said SusanSusan , and detained and kept her
in person there, without any reasonable or prob-
able cause whatsoever, for a long time, to wit,
from the time aforesaid till this present time,
contrary to the laws & peace of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States &
of this territory, and against the will of the
said SusanSusan : to the damage of the said SusanSusan
of five hundred dollars and therefore she sues

M'McGirk attorney

for plaintiff