Michel Lacroix vs. Louis Tayon, Maurice Blondeau, and Bazile Proulx
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northern circuit

territory of missouri

The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmericaLouis Tayon Maurice Bondeau and Bazile ProulxBazile Proulx their counselors attornies solicitors or agents. Greetings

Whereas it has been represented to our judges of our Superior CourtSuperior Court of our Territory of MissouriMissouri in and for the northern
Circuit sitting as a court of Chancery, on the part of MichelMichael Lacroix complainant that he hath lateley exhibited
his bill of complaint into our said court sitting as a court of chancery, against you the Said Louis Tayon, Maurice Blondeau and Bazil Proulx defendants to be relieved touching the matters therein contained, namely that sometime in the year eighteen hundred and fifteen he equipped and furnished to you the said Bazile ProulxBazile Proulx
an assortment of merchandise suitable for the Indian Trade, and was to receive payment therefore out of the process of sales. That you afterwards sold the said goods to MauriceMaurice Blondeau whose note you
took therefore amounting to the sum of twelve thousandtwo hundred and forty three livres ten sols
payable in the spring following - that the said ProulxProulx before the said note became due placed
the same into the hands of the said Louis TayonTayon for the mere purpose of collection and where the representation of to said TayonTayon to said ProulxProulx , in order to enable him to collect the same that it was necessary that his name should
be endorsed on the back thereof which was accordingly done that a regular endorsement was afterwards
written by said TayonTayon or someone for him over the name of the said ProulxProulx - That a suit was brought on said
note against the said MauriceMaurice Blondeau in the circuit court of the county of St. LouisSt Louis and a judgment thereonobtained against him for the sum of one thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars and twenty cents besides the costs of the suit - that the said Louis TayonTayon never paid said ProulxProulx one cent thereof nor therefore and that he the said complainant is justly and equitably entitled to more than the whole amount of the
same that both said ProulxProulx and said TayonTayon are poor the latter of whom never had nor has he now property or means sufficient to purchase either a note or any other article of property and that unless he can join on the payment of the judgment aforesaid in the hands of Blondeau he knows of no property or means of getting the same either from ProulxProulx or TayonTayon who well knowing the advantages he has at law against
your orator is proceeding to collect the same by execution against said Blondeau or his bail. Therefore
it was prayed that the conplainant might have an injunction to stay the proceedings at law until the hearing of this case. Then therefore in consideration of the previous aforesaid do strictly enjoin and commanded you
the said Louis TayonTayon and all and every the previous before mentioned that you absolutely desist from proceedings at law in the premises you the said Louis TayonTayon in taking out execution against the
said MauriceMaurice Blondeau for the amount of the said judgment, You the said MauriceMaurice in paying the henceover and you the said BazileBazile in receiving the same or any part or parcel of the same until the hearing after cause

by our said Superior CourtSuperior Court sitting as a court of chancery as aforesaid

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Witness the Honorable Alexander StuartAlexander Stuart Esquire presiding Judge of our said court at St. LouisSt Louis this fourteenth day of June until year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and seventeen and of our independence the fourty first

J. V. GarnierJ V Garnier atty S. C. N. C.