Michel Lacroix vs. Louis Tayon, Maurice Blondeau, and Bazile Proulx
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that porpose only to the end therefore that the said
and the said Louis
TayonTayon & his conferates when discovered and the said MauriceMaurice Blondeau & ProulxProulx may trueful distinct and the perfect answerrespectively make to all and
singular the matters & things herein and hereby charged &
that in as full and ample a manner as if the same
were here again particularly repeated & interrogated;
that the said Louis TayonTayon in particular and the other defendants may set
forth discover and say whether the copy of the note
hereunto annexed is correct. If it is not that the vari-
ancce may be shown. If it is correct whether the origin-
al was endorsed by Bazille Proulx the payee and
left with him said TayonTayon for collection. If not left with him to
collect merely for said ProulxProulx or your orator did
he purchase it. If so how much he paid for it whether
any person and who was present when he bought it or
paid In what did he pay for it? whether he
did not know before and at the time the note was
and endorsed that the balance then remaining due on
it and more was coming to your orater from said ProulxProulx
for the said merchandise for which the note was
given did not said ProulxProulx tell him so? in what manner was the endorsement
made - who was present at the time. Who wrote
the endorsement over the name of ProulxProulx - whether
he did not tell ProulxProulx that his name was necessary
to be endorsed on the back of said note inorderto
enable him to collect it for her said Proulx's and
was the endorsement made on to when of was
first to him said TayonTayon & if not how long after
wards was it till the endorsement was made
whether their he did not know at and before the endorsement that your orator was the equipper of said
ProulxProulx & that he owed him for said goods - Whether
it is not usual customary in this country for Indian traders

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Traders to be equipped or furnished with merchandise
on credit to trade with the indians on their promise
to pay the equipper out of the first proceeds of the
trade - whether in fact it was not the custom and
usage inferred in this country under the spanish
government to give the equipper a lien on the goods
sold to the trader and the privilege of being first
paid in preference of every other creditor that they may state whether such proceedings were
not had on said note in court as is stated above
and whether your orator and said Lee and not bail
in said suit - whether the said TayonTayon has not obtained judge-
ment therein & for how much - whether he is not
now proceeding by execution at law against said
Blondeau for the recovery of said judgement &
if not obtained by execution against him whether
he does not mean to pursue your orator as
his bail first how much said ProulxProulx owed your orator at that
endorsement & now owes him - whatever circumstances as
property your orator therefore prays your honours that
an injunction may be granted him in the aforesaid
suit commanding & enjoining him the said Louis TayonTayon
from proceeding at law against the aforesaid
MauriceMaurice Blondeau for the amount of said judge-
ment until the final hearing in this cause and
that on such final hearing the said writ of in-
juction may be decreed to be perpetual and that
the said Blondeau be authorized and decreed to
pay the amount of said judgement to your orator
and generally that your orator may have such
other & further relief in the principles as the nature
of his case may require & your honors may
thereof meet and proper to grant and your