Michel Lacroix vs. Louis Tayon, Maurice Blondeau, and Bazile Proulx
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To the clerk of the superior court for the territory of MissouriMissouri

You are hereby directed to issue a writ of injunction
against Louis Tayon & Maurice Blon-
their agents & attornies for the amount
of the judgement specified in the Bill
take Bond agreeably to Law in double the
amount of the judgment at law being the
sum prayed to be enjoined, Antoine SoulardAntoine Soulard , Manuel (Lisa) or Jean P. Cabanne are either of them approved
if as securely to the bond-the Bill being
one filed by MichelMichael Lacroix against
said Tayon, Maurice Blondeau and
Bazile ProulxBazile Proulx & filed in your office 12 June 1817

Silas BentSilas Bent