Michel Lacroix vs. Louis Tayon, Maurice Blondeau, and Bazile Proulx
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In the SuperiorSuperior Court sitting as a Court of chancery; In the northern Circuit of the term of August 1817
The Demurrer of Louis TayonTayon one of the defendants
to the Bill of complaint of MichelMichael Lacroix

Louis TayonTayon , Baxil ProulxProulx and MauriceMaurice Blondeau, DefendantsMichelMichael Lacroix - Complainant,

Louis TayonTayon one of the defendents in this
case by protestation not confessing or acknowledging
all or any of the matters or things in and by the
said Bill set forth and complained of to be true
in manner and form as the same are therein and
thereby set forth are alleged saith he is advised
by his counsel that there is no matter or thing
in law
to to call this defendant in question in this
honorable court for the same and that there
is good cause of demurrer thereunto and therefore
this defendant doth demur thereunto and for cause of demurrer this defendant saith that
the complainants said Bill in case the allegations therein contained were true which this defendant doth in no admit contains not any matter
of equity whereon this court can ground any matter of equity whereon the court can ground any decree or
give the complainant any relief or assistance as against him this defendant wherefore and for devious other error and imperfections

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In the said Bill appearing this defendant doth demur in said thereunto and humbly demand the
judgment of this honorable court whether he
shall be compelled to to put in any other or further answer to the said bill and humbly prays
to be hence dismissed with his reasonable costs in this behalf most wrongfully sustained

M McGirkM McGirk

and counselor for defendant