Tempe, a black woman v. Risden H. Price
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TempeTempe (a black woman)
Risdon HRisdon H Price,

Suit for freedom
in St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

TempeTempe the above named plaintiff being sworn,
says, that the said Risdon HRisdon H Price, (who now holds
her in slavery) has for a considerable time part
subjected her to very harsh, and cruel, treatment,
as she does verily, believe, on account of her present
suit for her freedom; that he has frequently abused
and beaten her, (and particularly on yesterday)
for no other cause that she knows of but her
present application for freedom; that he has refused
to supply her with clothing necessary, for comfort
and decency,, alleging as a reason that he expec,
ted soon, to lose, her - that her duties as a servant,
are, rendered much more hard than that of
the other servants in the family, and that she
is seldom spoken, to by Mr Price except, with
ill humor and abusive language.

TempeTempe & her mark,