Tempe, a black woman v. Risden H. Price
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Risdon H Price

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
April Term 1821.

Be it remembered that
on the trial of this cause
that one Joseph CorneliusJoseph Cornelius brought, the plaintiff then a slave, from the state, of maryland
the plaintiff proved,
to the the territory (now state) of IllinoisIllinois
and resided, in said, territory of IllinoisIllinois with the plaintiff his
for several years upon, which she founded, her claim to free
dom by virtue, of an ordinance of the Con,-
gress, of the United StatesUnited States, in
the year one thousand eight hundred and
eighty seven. The defendant in order to es-
tablish his right to her services, read an
exemplification of a statute of the late Ter-
ritory of IndianaIndiana (of which the present state
of IllinoisIllinois was then a part) enacted in
the year one thousand eight hundred and
seven, making it lawfull for the owners of
slaves in any of the slave-holding states,
to bring their slaves within the limits of
the said then territory of IndianaIndiana, and enter
into articles of agreement, or indentures, with
them before the clerk of a court of word,
by which the oneness should be entitled to the
services of the said negroes for the time
specified, in such agreement or indenture
the defendant then offered, in evidence an
indenture entered into between one simon
(of whom the defendant purchase
the services of the said plaintiff for a term
of years) and the plaintiff. But this
evidence, was rejected by the court, and the
defendant deprived of his defence under the above-mentioned statute and
entered into conformably on the grounds,
that a defence of this description was not