Tempe, a black woman v. Risden H. Price
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TempeTempe (a black woman)
RisdonRisdon H HRisdon H , Price

Suit for freedom
in St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

LabanLaban , a free man of color, being duly
sworn, days that TempeTempe the above named plaintiff is
his wife, that she is now in the custody posses,
sion, of R H Price, the above named defendant
that this affiant has great reason to believe
and ours verily, believe that the said RisdonRisdon H
HRisdon H . Price is about to take and remove the
said TempeTempe without the jurisdiction of this
court, that is to say to in the CountyCounty of Washington
of WashingtonCounty of Washington. And this affiant further says
that the said TempeTempe is subjected to harsh severe,
treatment because of her suit for freedom against
the said Price, in this that she is almost constantly
and her best endeavors
to give satisfaction; that her as a
servant is increased, tendered much more constant
than that of any other servant in the family-and
that she is not furnished with clothing necessary,
for her bodily, comfort and common decency,
and further this affiant says not.

Labor his


mark, Sworn, to & subscribed,
before me this 14th april 1821

A. GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk