Tempe, a black woman v. Risden H. Price
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
Saint LouisSt Louis county

In the Superior CourtSuperior Court of the
MissouriMissouri territory, setting for the northern circuit
of the march term one thousand eight hundred & eighteen
to wit, a free Black woman by
her attorney appointed by the said court,
complains of H Price of a plea of trespass,
with force and arms, For that the said
H Price on the twenty fifth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen at the town of St LouisSt Louis in,
Louis County and within the jurisdiction of
this court with force and arms & made an
assault on the said TempeTempe and then and there
beat wounded and ill treated the law TempeTempe
whereof the said tempe was in great dan-
ger of lodging her life. And also for that the
said Risden HRisden H , Price afterwards on the same day
and year aforesaid, at St LouisSt Louis in the county afore-
said with force and arms made another
assault on the said TempeTempe and then and there
again beat wounded imprisoned and illtreated
the said TempeTempe and her she said TempeTempe put in
prison without any reasonable cause, against the
will, of the said TempeTempe and against the Laws
of the united states and this territory for a long
time to wit, till the present time detained, and kept,
and still detains and keeps the said TempeTempe in
prison, and other wrongs to the said TempeTempe
then and there did against the peace of the
United StatesUnited States and this territory and to the dam-
age of the said TempeTempe one thousand dollars
and therefore she brings, her suit,

for plaintiff