Labon, a man of color v. Risdon H. Price
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
Northern Circuit

To the Honorable the superior count
of the Territory aforesaid now sitting for the Northern circuit

The petition of LabonLabon a man of color,
HumblyHumbly that your petitioner in the month
of may or thereabout in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixteen was brought from the state of KentuckyKentucky,
where he was owned as a slave by one WilliamWilliam ClarkeClarke
to the territory of IllinoisIllinois, and there sold, as a slave to
one simon who kept your petitioner
in servitude, and slavery, in said territory contrary, to the
consent sometime about the first of January in the
present year when he sold your petitioner to one
RisdonRisdon H ,HRisdon H Price of St LouisSt Louis where he has remained
and been kept by said Price in slavery, ever since
till this time and said Price claims and holds your
petitioner as his property and have by virtue of his
aforesaid purchase and your petitioner is informed by
virtue of his aforesaid residence in the IllinoisIllinois, territory
and under an ordinance, of the Congress, of the United StatesUnited States for the government of the North western Territory
he is entitled, to his freedom and by law is free,

your petitioner therefore prays, that an attorney,
he commenced against said Price on, behalf of your
said petitioner according to law to enable your
petitioner to obtain his freedom and counsel learned
in the law may be appointed to manage said cause
for him and your petitioner as in, duty bound,
will ever pray

St LouisSt Louis the 25th august 1817

LabonLabon his