Labon, a man of color v. Risdon H. Price
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RisdonRisdon H ,HRisdon H . Price,
LebanLeban ( suing, for freedom)
Assault, & Battery

The defendant prays a new trial in this
case,, because the case before the jury,
did not authorize them to by the
question of freedom between the parties

2.Because the court declare that the
plaintiff was authorized to make out
difficult case from that stated, in his
petition, and to have a verdit an
his favor if he made out a right
to freedom to any grounds whatever,.

3. Because the court erred, in not
instructing the jury, that the plaintiff
was not entitled,
to recover in this
form of action upon the case which
he proved before the court.

4. Because the jury, should have
found for the defendant on the
law the proof laid, before them.