Labon, a man of color v. Risdon H. Price
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State of missouri-
judicial District

Be it rememebered that to the in the
third sector of assembly of the state of missouri
entitled the act regulating the proceedings of the Supreme Court -
Joseph Farmer Clerk, of the SuperiorSuperior Court , court of the territory of MissouriMissouri, for
the northern circuit have made, and herewith, certify a complete transcript,
of the minutes, and proceedings had in a certain suit in the said
court, between a certain LebanLeban a person of color, who sues for his freedom
and Risdon HRisdon H Price, In the word and figures following to wit

August Term 1817


On Reading â filing, the petition of LebanLeban a free black man held
in slavery by Risdon HRisdon H Price together with the affidavit of Anthony S
Bailey, and on motion, of the the court direct that an
action of trespass, assault & Battery and false imprisonment be instituted,
against the said Risdon HRisdon H Price with the name, of Said LebanLeban and
that the defendant permit the said LabonLabon , to have reasonable
liberty of attending his counsel and that he shall not be taken or
removed out of the jurisdiction of the court nor, be subject, to any severity
because of his application for freedom

The court of of BartonBarton as counsel for the petitioner

April Term 1819

May 8th

and now at the day come the parties, aforesaid by their and
there upon also comes a jury to wit JamesJames Loper LoperJames Loper , John LJohn L Luter, RobertRobert Bailey ,
BaileyRobert Bailey Joseph McKay,WilliamWilliam Decher, HughHugh ONeil,
HenryHenry Waddle,, DavidDavid Wire, George George Blancher, NicholasNicholas Can, â Jake Fanis, good and lawful, men who being duly elected tried, and