Labon, a man of color v. Risdon H. Price
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sworn, well and truly to try the issue joined between the parties aforesaid
and having heard part of the evidence the adjourned to-
Monday, the tenth at 10 o'clock

The court adjourned by the of the

September term 1819


and now at this day came the parties aforesaid by their
and thereupon also comes a jury to wit RobertRobert Jones JonesRobert Jones , JamesJames Holland,
Clayborn Thomas Joseph N Reurneax, Scott F Tossi, John S Russell,SamuelSamuel Slomor, JordanJordan Radford, Joseph James, James,
Berry and twelve good and lawful men who being
duly elected tried, and sworn, well and truly to try the issue joined, between
the parties aforesaid upon their oaths, that the said defendant
Risdon HRisdon H Price is guilty of the promises said to his charge in the declara-
tion aforesaid of him the said LebanLeban Therefore it is considered by the
court before the judges of the said court that the said LebanLeban be liberated,
from the said RisdonRisdon H HRisdon H , Price and all persons claiming by person, or under

October 4th

And now at this day comes the said Risdon HRisdon H Price by his,
attorneys, and moves, a new trial, upon the verdict aforesaid was, aforesaid

April Term 1820

May 6th

On motion for a new trial,

The court after hearing the reasons in support of, said motion, and
mature liberation, action there upon, had, overrule, the said motion,