Labon, a man of color v. Risdon H. Price
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Risdon HRisdon H . Price
LebanLeban a black
In the superior court

Risdon HRisdon H . Price the defen-
dant in this cause, requests
this honourable court to grant,
a new, trial & states upon oath,
the following reason; that at the former trial
he was necessarily, prevented from introduci
ing the articles of indenture critical, into of record, mention between
him of the said LabonLabon that the said inden-
tures had been duly deposited with the
clerk of the court for the county of StSt Clair.
ClairSt Clair, in the then territory of IllinoisIllinois,
that this affiant in reasonable time
sent to the said clerk for them and,
ex-pected they would have been forwarded
but, within a few days before the trial
this affiant was informed that no such
instrument could be found in the said
office; that after that time untill the former
trial this affiant have not time opportu-
nity to go personally and examine, for the
said papers,
but since time that time he has
been able to promise them, it is informed
& by his counsel that they are of material