John Paul Stone et. al. v. Tallot Chambers et. al.
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In the Superior CourtSuperior Court .
august Term 1818.

northern circuit Court; to wit John Paul Stone, Ram
sey Crooks, and RobertRobert Stuart StuartRobert Stuart ,, citizens of the
state of New YorkYork , merchants and partners in
trade merchandising, and carrying, on Trade with
the northwestern tribes, of indians under the style,
and firm up of the "american fur, company"
by their attorney complain of Tallot Chambers WilliamWilliam J Blaire, and
WilloughbyWilloughby Morgan ,MorganWilloughby Morgan of a plea of trespass, with
force and arms: For that the said TalbotTalbot Chambers
ChambersTalbot Chambers William S. Blair and WilloughbyWilloughby Morgan ,MorganWilloughby Morgan on the
eighteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen with force and arms at Fort Bramford
in the MichiganMichigan territory to wit,: court at the
County of S LouisCounty of S Louis in the northern Circuit of
the territory of missouri aforesaid, seized, and
took two certain boats, of the said plaintiff together
with the goods wares, and merchandise, of the plaintiff
on board the said boats of great value court
to wit of the value of twelve thousand dollars
and in which said boats, the said plantiffs were
then and there carrying and intended to carry