John Paul Stone et. al. v. Tallot Chambers et. al.
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the said goods wares, and merchandise to trade and
barter with the northwestern indians and then and
there carried away the said boats together with the
goods wares and merchandise on board thereof and
kept and detained the same for a long time, to wit
for the space of three months. Whereby the said
plaintiffs were hindered and prevented from carrying
on their said trade with the said indians for that
season and last and were deprived, of all, the
profits benifit and advantage which might and would
otherwise, have and accrued, to them therefrom
to wit at the county aforesaid.

And for that also the said defendants after
wards to wit, on the day and year aforesaid with force
and arms at the place aforesaid, seized, took and
carried away certain other boats with the cargo of goods
wares and merchandise on board, court two other
boats with their cargoes the goods and chattels, of the
said plaintiff of great value court of the value
of twelve thousand dollars, then and there found
and being and converted and disposed of the same
to their, own use and other, wrongs to the
plaintiffs the said defendant then and there did
to the great damage of the said plaintiffs and
against the peace and dignity of the united
states. Wherefore the said plaintiffs say they are
injured and have sustained damage to