John Paul Stone et. al. v. Tallot Chambers et. al.
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State of MissouriMissouri
Third Judicial District

Be Be it, Remembered the to the provision,
in the twenty third section, of of the general assembly, of the State ofMissouri
MissouriMissouri, entitled act regulating the proceedings of the Supreme Court
Joseph Farmer clerk of the Superior CourtSuperior Court of the Terretiory of MissouriMissouri for the
northern Circuit have made and herewith certify a complete transcript, of the
minutes, and proceedings had in a certain, cause pending, in the said court Between
John JacobJohn Jacob Aster AsterJohn Jacob Aster ,, RamsayRamsay Crooks and Robert Stewart plaintiff,, and
Talbat ChambersChambers who is impleaded with WilloughbyWilloughby defendant with,
plea of trespass, victamin, in the words and figures following to wit-

September Term 1819October fifth

and now at this day come the parties aforesaid by their attornies,, and there
also comes a Jury to wit JonathanJonathan , Bout, John Little Rene Paul, Edward,
Kay, Philip , David B Hoffman,James LoperJames Loper , John L,
Sutter,, WilliamWilliam Risley, RichardRichard Millage, and Serge SmithSmith twelve, good
and lawful men who being duly elected, tried and sworn well and truly to try
the issue, joined between the parties aforesaid, and the said plaintiff being called
come do they further thus plea aforesaid against, the said
Talbot ChambersTalbot Chambers . Therefore it is considered by the court before the judges of the
said writ that the said Plaintiff take, nothing by their said writ, but he
for their false and that the said Talbot ChambersTalbot Chambers recover
against the said plaintiff his costs and changes by him about his defence in
this behalf laid out and expended, and that he have thereof
provided, however that or good cause to that effect by the said
Plaintiff the judgement of against thus shall and may be at a side.