John Paul Stone et. al. v. Tallot Chambers et. al.
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St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court April Term 1821

John JacobJohn Jacob Aster AsterJohn Jacob Aster ,
RamsayRamsay Crooks &
RobertRobert Stuart StuartRobert Stuart ,
Talbot ChambersTalbot Chambers who is impleaded with WilloughbyWilloughby Morgan ,
MorganWilloughby Morgan & William J,. Blair

At this term the plaintiffs moved to
take up this case as upon a rule to
why the nonsuit entered, at the September term of the Superior CourtSuperior Court of the year one thousand eight hundred and nineteen
should, not be set aside â a new trial,
granted, which was objected to by
who declined appearing for the Defendant; but,
who had been of counsel, for the Defendant
in said Superior CourtSuperior Court , on the allegation
that the cause was discontinued by reason
of no motion to set a side that nonsuit,
having been made nor the question disposed,
of or, taken up at either said September
or any following term of said SuperiorSuperior Court
CourtSuperior Court - the plaintiff moved leave,
to enter, the continuances in said case
as at said september term of the following
April term of the Superior CourtSuperior Court
which the court permitted â the, plaintiffs
entered the continuances - and it appeared
that neither at that September term now
at the succeeding term of the
Court was the whole of the Docket, of
those respective, terms gone through nor
the business, pending before the Court
disposed of at the respective, adjourn-
ments thereof - the plaintiffs insisted,
that the condition annexed, to the judgement,
entered on that nonsuit, the certifying
of the case to this Court as unfinished