John Paul Stone et. al. v. Tallot Chambers et. al.
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On the trial of this cause No. who had/as
he admitted been formerly of counsel, for the defendant,
and who at the June term of this Court in the year 1822. had appeared on his behalf and the
setting aside the nonsuit,/ appearing as the attorney for
the defendant, but offered, himself to the court as an
, and in that character attended the trial. On the rule, to
set aside the Judgment the same gentleman appeared and then
for the first time insisted, that the plea in the record had been
placed on the files, by the plaintiff's command, which was admitted,
but they contended, that it was the same in substance with the
plea filed originally, by the defendant, which was
which facts the defendant prayed, by his counsel, might be spread upon
the record - and the same is ordered to be done

M. B. Tucker,

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