Winny vs. Phebe Whitesides (alias Pruitt)
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WinneyWinney a free blackwoman
PhebePhebe Pruitt PruittPhebe Pruitt

Frances CollardFrances Collard being duly
sworn deposth and saith that some time about
the year seventeen hundred and ninety fourof five this
deponent knewPhebe PruittPhebe Pruitt then the wife one
John Whiterides living in the then Territory of
LouisianaLouisiana at a place called WhitesideWhitesides Station that
the said John Whiterides and PhebePhebe then had
with them a negro girl named WinneyWinney whom
they had had living with them as in slave for
several years- that the said WhitesideWhitesides , about
that time removed to the Western side of the
MississippiMississippi, taking with them as the deponent the said negro girl
that about thirteen years ago the deponent also removed
to the west side of the MississippiMississippi where she found
the said PhebePhebe (her husband being dead) residency with
a negro women named WinneyWinney whom she still
held as a slave that she has heard the said PhebePhebe
acknowledge that the negro woman WinneyWinney whom
she now holds as a slave is the same WinneyWinney
she hed in the LouisianaLouisiana Territory. and the said PhebePhebe
in argument with then deponent that the said
WinneyWinney could not be free inasmuch as she was
under age when brought away.

FrancisFrancis her


mark Callard

Sworn to and subscribed before me Clerk of the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court this eighth of June 1818

AArchibald Gamble GambleArchibald Gamble clerk