Winny vs. Phebe Whitesides (alias Pruitt)
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Phebe WhitesidesPhebe Whitesides alias PruittPruitt
WinnieWinnie woman of color

County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

Thomas R MusickThomas R Musick being sworn saith that
about eight years from this time
this deponent drew an instrument in
writing for the above defendant and her hus-
band fields PruittPruitt , by which conveyance they the
said PhebePhebe and Fields conveyed all their interest
in the said WinnieWinnie to the children of the
said PhebePhebe : This deponent further says that
a few days thereafter the said PhebePhebe and Fields
separated from each other and the said PhebePhebe
quit house keeping and has even since that time
living among her children from house to house without
claiming any interest in the said WinneWinne that
the said PhebePhebe has since that time claimed no
place of residence, but has resided sometimes with
one of her children and sometimes with
another: that the children of the said PhebePhebe possess
the said black woman WinneWinne and have possessed
her since the time of said conveyance and claimed
her as their property: and that the said WinneWinne has
never since about the time of the said
conveyance been possessed or claimed as a slave
by the said PhebePhebe . This deponent further says that
he was a near neighbor to said PhebePhebe for a long
time before the said conveyance and intimately
acquainted with her and her children and knows
the plaintiff WinneWinne and has known WinneWinne