Winny vs. Phebe Whitesides (alias Pruitt)
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To the Honorable the judges of the superior
court in the northern circuit now telling
in the county of S LouisS Louis for said circuit.

The petition of WinneyWinney a black
woman who petition for herself and for
the following named persons who are her
children under the age of twenty one
years humbly showith

That about the year seventeen hundred and ninety five she was carried from KentuckyKentucky & held as a slave
in the territory of IndianaIndiana by one JohnJohn Whitesides WhitesidesJohn Whitesides
and PhebePhebe his wife. That she lived then with
them several years when the said WhitesidesWhitesides
removed to this territory with him
your petitioner where she has been held
as a slave ever since that since she has
been living in this territory she has had
the following children to wit; Jerry, Daniel
Jenny, Nancy, Lydea Sarah, Hannah
Louis and MalindaMalinda , and your petitioner
is informed that by reason of having been
held in she and her children born
since are free.

And your petitioner further showith
that she and her children. Hannah
Lewis and MalindaMalinda are now claimed as
slaves by Phebe PruittPhebe Pruitt that JerryJerry is claimed
as a slave by the of Thomas
Whitesides deceased, DanielDaniel by JohnJohn Whitesides