Hannah, a free girl vs. Phebe Whitesides
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
Northern Circuit


The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica to the Sheriff of the
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis Greeting

You are Commanded that Your Summon Phebe WhitesidesPhebe Whitesides , also
PruittPruitt that She be and appear before the judges of our superior
Court ofour Territory of MissouriMissouri, at our said superior arrest to be
held in and for the further Circuit of the said Territory at the
Town of the St. LouisSt Louis, on the fourth monday in March meeting than and
there in our said Court, before the Judge of our said court, to
answer unto HannahHannah a free girl held in slavery, in a plea
of trespass, assault & Battery and false imprisonment to her
damage five hundred dollars - and have you then and there
this writ and certify to our fair court how you
the same

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