Nancy vs. Isaac Voteau
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MissouriMissouri Territory
St Louis County Ss.
Superior CourtSuperior Court

NancyNancy vs
IsaacIsaac Voteau VoteauIsaac Voteau

St Louis County Ss
Isaac VoteauIsaac Voteau the defendant
in the above entitled cause
being dulysworn says that this suit
is brought to try the freedom of the
Plaintiff and depends upon the some
principles as the suits against PhebePhebe
Prewitt - whose affidavit for a contin-
uance is hereunto annexed. That
the said witness mentioned by the
said PhebePhebe in her said affidavit
hereunto annexed, is material for
him on the trial of this cause; and
that he cannot safely proceed to
trial with out his testimony - this
deponent knows of no other testimony
witness by whom he can prove
the same faith that he to

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prove by the said witness -
and this de-
ponent further saith that he did
not know that the said witness knew
the said faith, which he to prove
by him untill a short time since, and
untill it was too late to
his attendance at this term. This deponent
has been told by creditable persons and
believes to be true that this said witness
once testified on oath before a sheriff's
Court (where the property of the said
Plaintiff of the said WinnyWinny and her other
children was contested, they having been
buried on as the proprerty of John WhitesidesJohn Whitesides
that they belonged to the children of the
said PhebePhebe Prewitt, by gift from Edward
Johnson, their grandfather - and
the property of the said JohnJohn Whitesides WhitesidesJohn Whitesides .
This deponent has no doubtbut that her