Francois Leclerc vs. Joseph Robideau
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JosephJoseph Robideaux RobidouxJoseph Robideaux
ads Francois Leclerk

apt In C C

And the said defendant by
GeyerGeyer his [ atterny ] comes & defends the wrong
when when he & says that he did not under take &
promise in manner and form as the said plantiff hath above thereof in pleading alledged - and
of this he puts himself upon the country

GeyerGeyer for draft
And for further plea in this behalf the said defendant
ways says that the said plantiff ought not to have
or maintain his aforseaid action thereof against him
because he says, that he the said defendant before
the commencement of this writ, to wit, on the fifth day of July in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred & eighteen, at the county aforesaid, paid to the said plantiff the said several sums of money in his
said declaration mentioned, And this he is ready to
verify he prays judgement if the said plantiffs
ought to have or maintain his aforesaid action thereof against-him

GeyerGeyer for defts
And to the plantiff plea a fruithy above plead & wherein he hath put himself upon the country,
the doth the like and for verification to
the second and the peff says that he ought
not to be bannedby any thing said therein, because he says the deft. did not pay the several sums of money there mentioned inmanner & form as then alleged; and this we prays may be of by the country.