Louis Beaudain v. John P. Cabanne and Antoine Cheru
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
county of St. LouisSt Louis

Be it remembered that on the twenty fourth day of July, in the forty four
year of the independence of the United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica, (A. D. 1819.) before
me Francis M. Guyol, one of the justices of the peace within and for the
county of St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid, personally appeared Alexis LoiseAlexis Loise , who being
sworn on the Holy Evangelists, (by virtue of a dedimus notice and rule
dated the nineteenth day of July 1819) Deposedeth and
sayth, that some time about three or four years ago, Louis BodouinBodouin was
engaged on a voyage or wintering trade () for Chemié and Cabané
and started from St. LouisSt Louis to pursue his voyage in a boat wherein the
defendant was also engaged as a hand, that said Louis Boudain was as acknowledged
the bourgeois or trading clerck of Cabané and Chemie, and that when
getting to cotes , said BodouinBodouin then begun drinking and
continued so drinking until he had no more liguor: that when theygot
to the wintering ground the said BodouinBodouin being sometimes drunk was not able
to trade with the Indians when they came for that purpose.
Question by the defendant. When Louis BodouinBodouin was drunk and the
Indians came to trade, and when this L. Bodouin's brother demanded
him the of the store to trade with these Indians Did he not refuse to give it?

Answer: yes he did so.

Question: When the a , came to trade was then Louis BodouinBodouin drunk?

Answer: Yes, he was a little intoxicated.

Question: Was he then able to trade with the Indians?

Answer: He said to the that if they would come and
trade with them all their he would give them a little keg
of one gallon of wisky; the indians brought in their and
BodouinBodouin being drunk took these and threw them out;
and the indians and drew his pistol upon them, after
having much disputes with them. After having pushed the

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indians and pulling out, they demanded of him the keg he had promised to gave
them, Louis BodouinBodouin refused to give it, saying he had not the
. The said BodouinBodouin had been drinking with the indians.
The indians took their pettries, and went to trade them with CharlesCharles

Question: To the best of your knowledge how many packs us as there
at the time you left the trading ground of the to go and trade with
the pawnes.

Answer: there was ten packs of deerskins, three of racoons and one of beaver.

Question: At the time BodouinBodouin was drinking and
with the indians did they breake the door of the store and
pillage it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Out of the fiveteen packs that were in the store
how many did Louis BodouinBodouin trade himself

answer: Louis BodouinBodouin traded a small part of these
and his brother traded all the rest. and the witness stated
that Louis BodouinBodouin , made no other voyage for Cabané and
Cherié but the one aforesaid.

Question by planitifs attoney: do you know how long, Louis
BodouinBodouin remained in the employment of Cherié and Cabané?

Answer: eight or nine months.

Question: Among what nations did you go with Louis BodouinBodouin
to trade?

Answer: I went with Louis BodouinBodouin to the , but did not
go with him to the .

Question: Where did you trade with the Ayowais?

Answer: at the Otos trading ground.

Question: Why did Louis BodouinBodouin throw out the of
the indians?

Answer: he does not know, because he did not understand