Louis Beaudain v. John P. Cabanne and Antoine Cheru
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Question: Whos there much trading done?

Answer: Very little.

Question: did many indians come to trade with you?.

Answer: When the indians came from abroad, they came to trade and traded when they could.

Question: do you know of any pethies buy carried away from the trading ground by the indians?.

Answer: They carried then back whenever [ the ] came to trade and Louis BodouinBodouin being drunk would not trade with them..

Question: Was Louis BodouinBodouin always drunk during the voyage or wintering?.

Answer: yes, but some times he was in his good=senses then he traded with the indians.

Question: Daveprocured great many pettris for the company that reason?

Answer: No, we did but very little.

Question: did you return to St. LouisSt Louis with BodouinBodouin ?.

Answer: Yes. And further this deponent sayth not.

AlexisAlexis LouiseLouise his mark X