Louis Beaudain v. John P. Cabanne and Antoine Cheru
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And BaptisteBaptiste Marchal being also sworn deponeth
and sayth that he saw Louis BodouinBodouin who was in throw an
indian out of the door with his pettries; the indian told the deponent
to take the petries, so he did, and carried them away. Then â
CharlesCharles Sauguiret traded for that pettry, the deponent was one of the
of CharlesCharles Sauguinet. The deponent further sayth

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he saw Louis BodouinBodouin often times intoxicated, but as he was not
this deponents he did not take much notice of his
conduct. This was at the wintering ground of the Otos..
deponent also sayth he understood D. Bodouin was in the employ=ment
of Cabané and Chemié at that time and further this deponent
sayth not.

BaptisteBaptiste Mauchal his + mark