Peter Provenchere and Frederick Butler v. Thompson Bird
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MissouriMissouri Territory
S LouisS Louis County


In the Circuit Court
of the county of S LouisS Louis
of the term of October inthe year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen

St Louis County for PeterPeter ProvenchereProvenchere ,
administrator, of all and singular the goods
and chattels rights and credits which came, of
FrederickFrederick , Butler deceased, who died interstate,
complains of Thompson BirdThompson Bird of a plea of
trespass on the case for that whereas the
said Butler in his life time towit
on the eighteenth, day of September, in the year one thousand eight hundred
at a place called, the mouth, of the river,
in the township of in the county of
New MadridMadrid, in the Territory, of MissouriMissouri,
towit at S LouisS Louis in the County of S LouisCounty of S Louis
and within the jurisdiction of this court and,
lawfully possessed, of divers, goods and chattels
towit twenty four Bear skins, thirteenth packs
of Deer skins one hundred and thirty nine
Buffalo Robes one hundred and eighty seven
pounds of beaver, fur two truncks sealed
up hats, one otter skin
fourteen packs of Buffalo robes eleven packs,
of Deer skins four fox, skins one otter
skin fourteen hats ninety nine pounds
of beaver fur, two trunks and one hundred,
and thirty nine dollars and fifty cents in
Bank notes and towit fifteen, notes of
the Bank of KentuckyKentucky, of ten dollars each
fifteen of the same bank of five dollars
each fifteen of the same bank, of twenty
dollars each fifteen of the Bank of
of ten dollars each fifteen of
the same Bank of five dollars cash of great