Peter Provenchere and Frederick Butler v. Thompson Bird
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State of LouisianaLouisianaParish of East,
Baton RougeRouge ,

In obedience to a Didmus, directed to any
Judge, or Justice of the Peace, of Baton RougeRouge ,
in the State of LouisianaLouisiana, by the, Clerk of the
CircuitCircuit Court ,CourtCircuit Court for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis in the
MissouriMissouri Territory dated,the 11 day of December 1817 for the purpose, of causing, to come, before
any Judge or Justice of the Peace in Baton,
RougeRouge in the, State of LouisianaLouisiana,
as should be received, by ThompsonThompson Byrd in,
manner then, on their corporal, oaths touching
their knowledge, of any thing, that may relate,
to a Certain action of trespass on the, case now,
pending in the, said Court, Between PeterPeter ProvenchereProvenchere and ThompsonThompson Beyond & pending,
adminisration of thity: Butler deceased,
to plaintiff and ThompsonThompson Byrd & pending
another point of the defendant,
to the said Dedimus,; which
is in the following wrong : us PeterPeter ProvenchereProvenchere ,
administrator of PhilipPhilip , Butler,
reservation, that on the third saturday in february next at the Court house, in Baton
RougeRouge in the State of LouisianaLouisiana,, I Shall take
the depositions of witnesses, between the hours,
of nine o'clock, in the morning, and Six o'clock,
in the evening, to be read as evidence, in Saint
here but against the St LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court where you may attend,, if your
please St LouisSt Louisoct 22d 1819 thereupon by me
to being one o'clock in the afternoon on the,,
twenty first day of february 1818 the UnitedUnited States,
StatesUnited States first, day of ,the United StatesUnited States Herewith
any justice, of the peace,
of East Baton RougeRouge , in the state of Louisina, and
casue, to appear Baton RougeRouge , in
this Court house of Baton RougeRouge in the state of LouisianaLouisiana,
caused take bind to appear before me in the Court House of Baton RougeRouge for the purpose, of receiving this testimony in the above accusations,
and Case paid
and that & and say