Peter Provenchere and Frederick Butler v. Thompson Bird
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that there was a boat Stone. a short distance,
above the mouth, of the river, ohio, on the Missippi,
river in the, month of September 1815 whose
owner was said to have been drowned,, his name,
was requested to be FrederickFrederick , Butler the patron of said,
Boat called himself PeterPeter Dabbin,
he loading by the signature
of Abraham Bird, at
afterwards brought, and
the the said Dublin wanted ThompsonThompson , Byrd to store, it for him, but the said ThompsonThompson
Byrd would not take charge of it, at all, in
answer of his having to away. Him, the
said Dublin said the said ThompsonThompson Byrd
whether he could not leave the said part of
loading on a black house, which stood on the
bank of, the river,, until he could take, it away
ThompsonThompson , Byrd told the said Dublin, he might
at his & for he would not have any,
thing to do with it; nor with, said Dublin,
said and at
this own Deps
writ knows, that Dublin, caused ThompsonThompson
Byrd to make out a bill, for him to show
what he had saved; but this deponent says,
that from the and loading which appear
to wasn't between the said ThompsonThompson , Byrd
and Dublin, he knows that ThompsonThompson , Byrd
was not to be accountable, for that said point
of loading left with, said , and
that said Dublin started, for StSt Louis LouisSt Louis,
and in the month of october 1835, the said Dublin
returned to the mouth, of the ohio, and made,
certain in of writing, the said
ThompsonThompson , Byrd with following words,
mouth, of ohio. To is under to of
payed and one the place
in he interest as it is time, to do, he is to
go out this property, of which I have, saved from
the of which L
in his Clark have,