Francois Leclerc v. Antoine Sitoliur
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thereto afterwards requested

and whereas also, the said Antoin
afterwards, to wit on the said first day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen at the county, aforesaid
with the said FrancoisFrancois of and concerning
divers, other sums of money from the said
Antoin to the said FrancoisFrancois before that
time due and owing and then in arrears,
and unpaid, and upon such accounting
the said antoine was then and there
found to be in arrear and indebted to the
said FrancoisFrancois in the further sum of one
hundred and three dollars and forty
cnts like lawful money of the N States,
and being so found in arrear and
indebted to the said FrancisFrancis he the
said AntoineAntoine then and there in consideration,
thereof and undertook and faithfully
promised to pay him the said FrancoisFrancois , the
said last mentioned sum of money