Antoine Cetoleau v. Joseph Rebedeau
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Circuit CourtCircuit Court
County ofCounty of St Louis StCounty of St Louis, LouisCounty of St Louis

AntoineAntoine Cetoleau, plaintiff by his attorney,
complains of JosephJoseph Rebedeau, in a plea of trespass,
on the case for that whereas the said JosephJoseph the defendant
on the first day of June, eighteen hundred and eighteen at, the county of StSt Louis, LouisSt Louis aforesaid, and within
the jurisdiction, of this court was indebted to the plaintiff
of, the sum of one hundred fifty, dollars for the work
and labour, case & diligence, of him, the said plaintiff
before that time done & bestowed, in about the business,
of him the said defendant & at, his special,
instance & request, so indebted in consedera-
tion thereof then &, there undertook, & saith
fully promised the plaintiff to pay him the said
sum of money on request.

And also for that whereas the said defendant
on or about the first day of May, eighteen hundred and eighteen the panis nation or tribe of Indians to wit,
at the county of StSt Louis, LouisSt Louis aforesaid and within, the jurisdiction,
of this court, being possessed, of certain goods,
wares & merchandizes, did offer and profess, to him
the said plaintiff &, promise that if, he the, said
plaintiff would receive, said goods wares, and
merchandizes & trade, them for him said defendant to and with the said
PanisPanis Indians, that he the said JosephJoseph would pay him
therefore, the sum of one hundred dollars, and the said
plaintiff that he did on his part, then &, there agree
to receive & take said, goods of the defendant and
trade them for him and that in pursuance, of said
agreement, he said plaintiff did also then & there
secure, said goods of the defendant and did barter,
& trade them to the said Indians for the benefit and & use, of said defendant by reason, whereof the said
defendant become liable to pay to him the plaintiff