Antoine Cetoleau v. Joseph Rebedeau
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plaintiff the aforesaid, sum of one hundred dollars and
being so liable inconsideration thereof then & there under
took &, faithfully promised to pay the plaintiff the
said sum, of money on request.

And also for that wheras the said AntoineAntoine Cetoleau,
being an Indian trader and the said JosephJoseph the defen,-
dant on the said day & year last aforesaid at the
place and within the jurisdiction aforesaid,, being
the owner and possessor of certain goods & other articles
suitable & proper, for the trade, with the Indians,
did then & there engage & employ him the said plaintiff
to trade said goods & other, articles to an with the indians
for the benefit, of him the said defendant and prom-
ised & agreed to pay him the said AntoineAntoine
of one hundred dollers, and the said
AntoineAntoine in fact, says tht he did trade traffic & barter,
said goods & other articles to & with, the indians for the
use & benefit, of him, the defendant - by reason whereof
he the said defendant, there & there became liable
to pay him the said AntoineAntoine , the said last, men-
tioned sum, of one hundred dollars whenever
after wards he should be thereunto requested and
being so liable in consideration therof, then and
there undertook and faithfully promised to pay
the plaintiff the said last mentioned, sum of
one hundred dollars on demand.

And the for that whereas the said
defendant on the day of year last aforesaid, at the
place, & within the jurisdiction, of the court being
possessed of certain other goods and articles necessary,
& proper for the Indian tade, and the said AntoineAntoine
being then & there an Indian trader, he the said defendant,
did engage, the said AntoineAntoine to trade, said
goods and other articles with the PanisPanis , Indians
for the profit and benefit of him the said JosephJoseph
and promised & agreed, that if he would do,
the best, he could with said goods and make
the greatest, profit in his power out, of them for,