Antoine Cetoleau v. Joseph Rebedeau
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Antoine Citoleau,
Joseph RobideauJoseph Robideaux ,

Louis Louis TrudeauTrudeau , of argues for, the plaintiff
ond makes oath that AndrewAndrew Wood John DoughertyDougherty & Francois
Leclere,, are necessary & material witnesses, for the plaintiff on
the Trial, of this cause as he is informed & believes to be true,
that he believes, the plaintiff cannot safely, go to trial, without
their testimony, - that a subpoena, has been issued, for them &
returned non est, that he is informed & believes, that the
plaintiff cannot prove the same facts by any oter witness
& that, he has near noble, cause to believe that their evidence or attendances, can be procured by next term, of this court,

sworn to &, subscribed in,
open court,

Louis Trudeau,

HR Gamble DClk,