Antoine Cetoleau v. Joseph Rebedeau
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him said JosephJoseph , that he would pay him the said
AntoineAntoine therefor out of the profits resulting from the
trade & barter of said goods the sum of one huedred
dollars lawful money of the United StatesUnited States And
the said AntoineAntoine avows that in pursuance of said
agreement on his part he received said goods and
did the best he could with them and made the
greatest profit in his power for the defendant by
trading them with the the said PanisPanis Indians, and
that great profits to wit five hundred
dollars were made to the said Jospeh from
the trading of said goods & articles aforesaid by
the said AntoineAntoine . by reason whereof the said
JosephJoseph became liable to pay the said AntoineAntoine the aforesaid sum of one hundred dollars whenever he should be thereunto requested and being so liable in consideration
thereof then & there undertook & faithfully promised the
plaintiff to pay to him the said last mentioned sum, of money on request,.

And also for that whereas the said,JosephJoseph on the
said first day of June eighteen hundred, & eighteen at
the county of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid was indebted to the said
AntoineAntoine in one other sum of one hundred dollars law
ful money of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States, for other the work and
labour case & dilligence of him the said AntoineAntoine as
an Indian, trader, done given performed and be
stowed in about the trading & trafficking, of certain
goods wares & merchandizes, of him the said JosephJoseph
to and with the PanisPanis Indians, for the use and benefit, of him the said JosephJoseph , before that time & at,
his special instance & request and being so indebted
in consderation thereof then & there undertook, and
faithfully promised, the plaintiff to pay him the said
last mentioned sum of money whenever he the defen
ant, should be thereunto requested.

Nevertheless, the said JosephJoseph tho often requested, hath
not paid to him the said AntoineAntoine the aforesaid sum of
one hundred dollars; but the same to him to pay