Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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October Term 1818.

of St LouisSt Louis towit,; JackJack a free man permitted,, by the Court to sue as a pauper, by BartonBarton his atttorny assigned by the said,
Court complains, of Barnabas HarrisBarnabas Harris , of
plea, of trespass,- for that the Barnabas HarrisBarnabas Harris , on the first day, of January, in the year of our lord, eight hun-dred and eighteen with force and arms made,
an assault, upon the said JackJack towit, at
the CountyCounty of S Louis, of S LouisCounty of S Louis aforesaid, and then and
there beat wounded and ill treated him the,
said JackJack , and then and there imprisoned him, the said JackJack without any probable or reasonable casue whasoever and then,
and there kept and detained him, the said JackJack ,
in prison for a long time, to wit, from that
time hitherto contrary, to the laws, of the territory,
and against the will, of the said JackJack and other worngs, to the, said JackJack , then and there did, against the peace, of the United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica,, and to the damage, of the
JackJack of two hundred dollars and therefor he brings his suit,

BartonBarton atty for plff,