Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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The depositions, of Robert Harris & George Procter taken, at the clerks, office in, the County, of MadisonMadison , and
state, of KentuckyKentucky between, the hours of ten o'clock, in the
forenoon & six o'clock, P. M. of the 23 day of november 1818 in pursuance, of the
to be read, as evidence in, a suit now pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court , for the CountyCounty of St Louis, ofCounty of St Louis StCounty of St Louis, LouisCounty of St Louis in the territory,
of MissouriMissouri between JackJack black, man said to be free
and Barnabas Harrris,

Robert Harris being, of lawful age, and first duly sworn deposeth and saith that, the Bill of sale now, here to from ThomasThomas Bellew, John Proctor & GeorgeGeorge Hubbaard, to Barnabas HarrisBarnabas Harris , of the Territory of MissouriMissouri, for the sale, of two negroes Jack & Archibald attested to, by himself, and
GeorgeGeorge Proctor dated,2 day of march 1818, was executed,
by the Said Bellew, John Proctor & George HubbardGeorge Hubbard in his presence, and that he signed as, a witness, at the request, of the parties,, that it was signed sealed, and delivered, by them, in his presence,, as thas
, And the deponant further, saith, not

Robert Harris,