Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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here shown, to him, & hereto annexed, above referred, to
in Robert Harris deposition from,ThomasThomas Bellew, John.
Proctor,GeorgeGeorge Hubbard HubbardGeorge Hubbard , to Barnabas HarrisBarnabas Harris , of the territory,
of MissouriMissouri, for the sale of two,
negroes Jack & Archibald attested, by himself and Robert Harris dated,2 nd day of March 1818 was executed by said Bellew, John Proctor
and said HubbardHubbard , in his presence, and that he signed, it
as a subscribing witness, at the, request of the parties,,
that, it was signed sealed delivered, by him, in his
presence, as there, act & deed,

And further this deponent, saith not,

GeorgeGeorge Proctor,