Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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Deposition, of Wallis Estell, taken at the office, of
WilliamWilliam , C CarrCarr in,the town of SS Louis, LouisS Louis on Satur-
day the 10th day of April 1819 between the hours of 10 in the morning, & five O'clock, in the evening, to be read as evidence, in a
suit, now pending, in the circuit court
for the county of SS Louis, LouisS Louis wherein JackJack a blackman, is plaintiff and Rederick Hyatt, admit of B Harris, is defen-
dant in pursuance, of the enclosed.

The deeponent, being of lawful, age
& first, duly sworn deposeth & saith, that
The Receipt hereunto annexed, Dated the Tenth Day of September eighteen Hundred & two for the sum of One thousand Dollars
signed by EusebiusEusebius Hubbard ,HubbardEusebius Hubbard = and witnessed, by NicholasNicholas Proctor
and this Deponent was executed, and Delivered in this Deponents
presence to the person therein, Named Viz, John Proctor & GeorgeGeorge Hubbard
HubbardGeorge Hubbard - that this Deponent saw the, money paid to EusebiusEusebius , Hub-
bard = by the said John Proctor & George HubbardGeorge Hubbard = that this deponent,
saw JackJack the Plaintiff in the above suit Arch; and other property brought
up & delivered, to the said Proctor & George HubbardGeorge Hubbard by the said
Eusebius HubbardEusebius Hubbard = for and in Consideration of which said property the Money
mentioned in this Recipt was paid - that this Deponent has seen
JackJack the Plaintiff in this suit & Arch, before mentioned and that he is convinced said Negross are the same that were Delivered
to Proctor & Geo: Hubbard - and for whom the money before men-tioned was paid- that this Deponent saw, that Plaintiff Jaack, a few
Days ago in the Possesion of Barnabas HarrisBarnabas Harris and that He acknowledged to the deponent, that he JackJack ,
Recollected being called - up & Delivered to John Proctor & Geo; Hubbard
mentioned in the Recipt before mentioned = the persons named in
the Receipt viz; Geo: Hubbard - was the son & John Proctor
was the son in law of said EusebiusEusebius Hubbard ,HubbardEusebius Hubbard = that the Deponent
lived within about half a mile of EusebiusEusebius Hubbard ,HubbardEusebius Hubbard and was well,
acquainted with all the Parties - That this deponent does not know
That Eusebius HubbardEusebius Hubbard was Involved in Debt to any considerable amount, at the time this transaction, took place - that this - deponent,